Commercials / Corporates / Shorts

Arnolfo di Cambio
Bartender: Dario Comini
Agency: Matiba
Production Director: Melnard Eda
Director & Camera: Alessandro Xin
Dop & Camera: Alberto Braga
Lenovo and Google
Agency: Hand Factory Agency
Dop & Cinematographer: Melnard Eda
Editor: Luciano Barletta
Filmmaker for OKTAGON and the italian fighter Andrea Fusi “Il Barbaro”
Filmmaker for the Director Michele Bevilacqua
Agency: Hand Factory
Client: Lenovo
Filmmaker (Timelapse and building process): Melnard Eda
Filmmaker for the Italian Tae Kwon Do federation founder’s son
Filmmaker for FusinaLab and their magnificent staging. More videos on their website
Camera Operator Specialist for The Dino Stories and Ayme Brazilian Wear
1st AC / Z Cam Specialist for this short movie
BTS Our Inheritance- 1st AC / Z Cam Specialist